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Why the New York Times Doesn’t Understand Religion,

July 5, 2019

Why the NY Times doesn’t understand why people would be interested in Religion.
Can generosity be commanded?
People want no rules in church
Church as a voluntary organization
I don’t know anybody who believes in the resurrection of the body who didn’t go to seminary
You have this toolbox that you are constantly adding to
You use different ideas in church
People’s positions on stuff are revealed by how they act, write or speak passively than actively
If everything is expressive, there should not be any rules
The statements they are saying are propaganda
Epistemology that the church teaches Christianity has is so unclear
Defends itself by critiquing the critique
What do people mean when they say the word “God”
So many of the pastors are on their back foot but I don’t know what they mean by their terms
You grow up with an idea that God is just a big one of us.
Metaphysics in Christianity have seen a distinct lack of focus
Christians don’t really know what they are saying when they say “god exists”
What is a Christian epistemology?
What we mean when we say “I believe that Jesus is Lord”

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