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What Would Jesus do in a Zombie Apocalypse? PanPsychism against Meaning Crisis

July 9, 2019

JP is a Canadian graduate student in philosophy and sees panpsychism as the answer to Vervaeke's physicalism and the meaning crisis.

JP from Quebec
Raised RC, fell away from the faith
Had interest in questions of ethics
Does good exist, what is it?
Math and computer science
At least making progress in math and science
Philosophy didn’t seem to be going anywhere
Godel’s incompleteness theorems
Then moved into Philosophy
Thesis of masters was the hard problem of consciousness
Was a hard physicalist
Ontology of real relations
Mary’s room
Pan psychism
The hard problem of consciousness
Zombie nightmares when he was working on this
Wrestling with nihilism
90% fewer zombie nightmares
Around that time learned about Jordan Peterson, John Vervaeke, Jonathan Haidt
We need to construct morality with the environment, in trial and error
Zombie night mares diminish
Philosophy causes and can reduce zombie nightmares
Started going back to a RC church
As a way to develop virtue
Try to embody the story
What God could mean philosophically
Talked to Jonathan Pageau about the zombie nightmares
Symbolic solution to the zombie nightmares
What would Jesus do in a zombie apocalypse
Helps to see young people in the RC
Met four people who were philosophy students
People are very hungry to talk philosophy in church
Panpsychism of a book
People didn’t want to do metaphysics for a long time
Causal closure of the physical

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