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What Draws People to Jordan Peterson? Graduate Study Participate Here

April 12, 2019

Mark is a graduate student doing a study on why people are drawn to Jordan Peterson. If you want to participate (until April 15 2019) more details below.

Hello friends,


I am doing thesis research on a topic all of us are most likely interested in: the Jordan Peterson phenomenon. The particular piece of that puzzle I am working on concerns the perspectives of individuals keeping up with him. Please consider taking the time to participate in this study by completing the procedure linked here:


The manner in which you will represent your perspective is rather novel. You will be presented with a set of statements to sort out according to your personal point of view. These statements pertain to a number of topics such as philosophy, politics, culture, and the like. Once this phase is completed, the constellations you generated will be statistically analyzed in search of patters of convergence or divergence between viewpoints. The overall method is like a mix of ethnography and market segmentation in some ways. Pretty cool if I do say.


If you want more details on the nature of this study, I will be happy to share it with anyone once published (there is an opportunity for you to leave an email address at the end of the procedure for precisely this purpose). I will also be posting this request to a few other JBP discussion groups as well. The final day to participate is this Sunday, the 14th.


So please help rescue this graduate student from the belly of the academic whale by sharing your unique point of view in this study. I am immensely grateful for your time.


Best regards,


Mark Kelsey


P.S. While this task can be conducted on smartphones, I find it a bit easier to do on laptops/desktops.

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