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The Unnecessary Pastor of the IDW. Post-Tyrannical Experts of a Haunted Fiction?

May 4, 2020

Eric Weinstein is on a roll. He's pushing hard to try to fill the vacuum left by Jordan Peterson. Can he get there? A big part of Peterson's power came from the fact that he understands religion in a way that few in the IDW seem to get. Until Eric learns to appreciate the history of religion in the secular world he's not be able to create a wave like Jordan's first. Charles Taylor A Secular Age Andrew Root The Pastor in a Secular Age Postmodern Christianity Caputo On the Road with St. Augustine Bishop Barron on Cuomo Getting God Wrong Transubstantiation Book Veritas Forum Peter Thiel, NT Wright, Ross Douthat Jordan Peterson on Firing Line Jordan Peterson Sam Harris Vancouver 1 PVK Glossary The Atlantic Failed State Eric Weinstein on Twitter Peter Thiel with Eric Metaxas Eric Weinstein on Periscope Jordan Peterson Roger Scruton JD Vance on The Portal Hillbilly Elegy Dignity Chris Arnade George Marsden Twilight of the American Enlightenment George Marsden Soul of the American University Tom Holland Delingpod

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