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The Subjective is as Real as the Objective, A Quality Existence

June 28, 2019

A Quality Existence is a YouTube channel that explores many of the same ideas this channel does from the perspective of a Metaphysic of Quality. Sevilla uses the work of Robert Pirsig who wrote Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to facilitate this exploration. She caught my attention a while ago when she was commenting on Jordan Peterson and CS Lewis. Recently she did a couple of videos about the differences between the work of Jonathan Vervaeke and Jonathan Pageau.

Her Channel

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
Noetic dimension victor Frankl
With Pirsig it felt like he was touching bottom
Metaphysics of Quality
Turn it into something in therapy
Spiritual intervention
Jordan Peterson
People don’t connect with organized religion
Art school
Alan Watts
Richard Rohr
CS Lewis
Screwtape Letters
Maps of Meaning
Quality drives the universe, what is better is what is more free
We’re limited beings, we’re expanding towards less and less limitation
Things grow in complexity
Levels of Quality, static levels of quality
These upper levels are subjective
The subjective is just as real as the objective
That way of seeing the world is so productive
The analytical knife
The more experiments you produce the more objects you produce
You just keep cutting
You can’t just see you and things in the world
Lila, the second book, turns it into an actual philosophy
Seeing that underlying metaphysics, God can be in there
The drive is to the better, the good, limitless
The upward trajectory is a moral one
The ghost of reason
The medieval worldview the symbols are as alive and real as the material in the world, more real
Not until we discover rationality that we have a relationship
It’s meaning, not material
The problem began with Aristotle
Quality is a thing that infiltrates
Always towards what’s better
You sense quality
The flow state
Applied metaphysics, Vervaeke
The morality is the hardest part
The way we are by frank putnam
Dynamical systems
There’s an inherent movement in nature
Our moods and our states transition with the undercurrent
Evidence to see ourselves as multiple

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