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Owen Barfield’s Meaning Crisis and the Evolution of Consciousness

July 3, 2019

John Vervaeke teaches that the meaning crisis is a result of our long story into modernity. Human beings find themselves alone in a sea of dead, unconscious matter and it is causes us a crisis of meaning. We deconstructed everything down to ourselves. We dissect the world, dissect ourselves but wonder who holds the knife. Owen Barfield had some incredibly important insights into this process that need far more attention. Malcolm Guite, an Anglican Priest has given some fine lectures on this. I'll use him to explore Barfield in this video.

Malcolm Guite 
Malcolm Guite on Owen Barfield 
Bret Weinstein Assassin Robots 
CS Lewis Miracles 
Paul Maxwell Memorize Philosophy 30 minutes 
conversation with Quality existence 
Vervaeke metaphysics 
Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Bret Weinstein Vancouver 1 heuristics 
Dallas Willard the Nature of Worldviews 
Jordan Peterson and Roger Scruton 
Owen Barfield LIterary Estate  
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