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Kids have become something between Pets and Lifestyle Accessories

June 15, 2019

Carlos from Opus Dei in the Philippines wanted to talk about fatherhood. He notes differences between elder respect in the Philippines and the West

Carlos 2 opus dei

Parenting, fatherhood
Old me vs new me
Joe Rogan JBP podcast
How did Joe get into standup comedy
Look at the people who are doing it and see how they’re doing it and do it
Parenting is like stand up comedy
School of parenting from your mom
In modern society kids are somewhere between pets and lifestyle accessories
Saint Bernard in the Philippines
The cult of youth
“You’re the future of the country” They were lying when they said that.
“The youth are going to save the world” I never believe it for one second
I knew that I was young and useless.
You have to believe them because they are kids.
“Kids don’t lie”. Philippino myth.
GK Chesterton, Tradition is the democracy of the dead
2 worlds for old in Tagalog. To be worn out, or to be a marker
Cat Stevens song and Tagalog song. The tagalog song is still very deferential
Respect your elders
Bullying stories
Corporations and rule
The job of a parent is to make himself useless as quickly as possible
Peer review is an appeal to authority of your peers
If you want to take the edge of your modernity, pray to a saint
I have done it and it works
You can fence your little sin.
I’m not praying to Billy Graham
It’s no longer a community, it’s an arms race
College admissions scandal
Half a million young men who are simply disengaged in Japan
Find something good at what you do
You have the burden of the world.
Like a cross vs a container ship

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