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Khemit Bailey, The Character Arc, Self and Future Authoring

July 11, 2019

Khemit is a lover of fiction and fantasy and sees its role in developing our own stories. He runs a Facebook group supporting people working through Jordan Peterson's self-authoring program and has his own course on The Character Arc. I think you'll enjoy this conversation.

Self Authoring Collaboration Group:
The Character Arc Podcast (on iTunes):
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Self-authoring collaborating Facebook group
The Character Arc Course
Foster in people a relationship with fiction
Foster a sense of togetherness only found through story
Gym membership problem
12 Rules for Life
Connection with stories and archetypes
Transition expert
Northrup Fry: knowledge is of the specific, wisdom is of the general
Wisdom is related to story in a causal way
The Bible in the mind is the more important Bible
Lord of the Rings
Dress up like your favorite character
Smart streaming
Character arc course
The character arc podcast
Selfauthoring futureauthoring self authoring collaboration group on Facebook

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