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Jordan Peterson, Owen Barfield: Meaning, Truth, Lying and Charisma

July 17, 2019

Michael is in for his second chat. He's been reading a lot of Barfield and pondering his work in connection with that of Jordan Peterson. How does truth telling impact charisma?

When I lie I fell like I’m being pulled apart
When you lie you slice the world up into smaller pieces, even yourself
Life was compartmentalized in different areas
Default was nihilism
We think we can slice the world up and cut it into little pieces
Idolization of the intellect
The imagination that what it is producing is knowledge
All the function and form of it has been lost in its current state
Some of this use of language is an attempt to pause everything
When we look back into history we imagine them as failed scientists
We imagine ourselves as scientists because technology is so powerful
False dichotomy
John Wood Jr.
If we don’t amend the filter we won’t see
Jordan Peterson
The lie, you can’t not believe the things you say, you become attached to that.
You can’t twist your use of language without twisting that thing inside of you that determines truth from error
You can’t know if you’re saying the truth but you can note when you’re lying.
It’s part of what makes him very charismatic
Correspondence between truth and charisma
The Great War
Metaphysics of Quality talk
Sam Harris

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