Paul VanderKlay’s Podcast

Idolized Intellect, Disembodiment and Technological Babel

July 1, 2019

Luke comes in for his second chat. He's off Twitter but active in the comments. He continues to promote Orthodoxy as a retreat from his experience in the evangelical church.

Interconnectedness of all things
The modernist West has idolized the intellect and is on the way towards complete disembodiment via technologies, tools and transactionalism towards technological Babel.

Technological Babel:

Glen Scrivener
Jordan Peterson

Grace and Works
Nathan Jacobs and Hank Hannegraff
Eastern and Western

American will change the Orthodox

Father Andrew at St. Mary’s

Father Steven Freeman Everywhere Present

Ken Wilber, spiral dynamics

Laurus by Eugene Vodolazkin

George McDonald’s Lilith
Editable notes


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