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Frank and Francis Schaeffer, Jordan Peterson, Ellul, Rookmaaker and others

June 12, 2019

Byrne Power joins me for our second conversation. We go deeper into what happened with L'Abri and the Schaeffers, why so many intersections between L''Abri and Jordan Peterson. Lots of good stuff from Byrne in this one.

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Here are the notes.
Labri library
Taxi driver
70s film
Jesus people turned cult
Frankie Schaefer
When people come back they don’t want to do evangelism anymore
Oct 1978
Schaeffer just finished filming and had cancer
Books to read, tutor to talk to
Jonestown incident occurred
How much harm is done by people who claim to know what love is
Thank you Jordan Peterson
French woman was an atheist and communist who had heard of Jonestown
French woman asked “what makes you different from them?”
They were telling you things to question what you believed
Schaeffer didn’t just let you say what you believe without explaining it
They’re teaching me to question even them
The tensions of L’abri were starting in 1980
Things started getting more propagandistic
Any topic had been on the table
Rookmaaker was an unlikely convert. He went into the church and never got over what he saw in the church. Brilliant on the subject of art.
The honesty of wrestling about things. Honest to the point of genuine emotion. Take any question that comes to them. Emphasize learning and reading
The 80s was a rough period for L’Abri
Ellul, where discussion begins, propaganda ends
Click, then I’m trying to get you saved
Efficiency, the more we seek to be efficient, the less human we become
Rookmaaker’s lecture on reality
Reality is meaning
CS Lewis the Discarded Image
Four part series of Rookmaker on Art
Complete works of Rookmaker
The Rediscover of Meaning
To the degree that we are individuals we are alienated and isolated from each other
Saving the Appearances
Barfield on Coleridge
Rookmaker: the meaning of scholarship
Charles William figure of Beatrice, the meaning of the city
michael polanyi personal knowledge
michael polanyi mp3 you can find his lectures, 4 of them
Knowledge is personal, everyone’s knowledge.
Where does the hypothesis come from?
Ellul: the Political Illusion
Walker Percy: Lost in the Cosmos, The loss of the creature
Our first environment is nature. We get everything good from there, but also all of the worst things. In order to fight that we created the second environment. Society. The social world. We’re protected from some of the worst ravages from nature, but all of the problems of the social world. Love, heartache, conflict, strife, war, disease. Now technology. We live inside of technology.
Ellul died on the day Jackie Kennedy died
Tarkofsky, Sculpture and Time
We are at war with reality. We want a perfect world. The more we try to get there the more we put the gun to our head.
The last place will be the first place.
When we get to the garden of eden, we’ll finally find out what the sword was, the thing that won’t allow us to get back to the garden.
When we’re missing a texture we create plastic or digital imitations of it
Puppetry as an antidote art
Propaganda and social media
Conceptual humanity
Texture and meaning
How could people find what they do in science if they weren’t already there
Christians are practically atheists

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