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Former-Soldier artist talks Jordan Peterson, Art and the Church

June 7, 2019

Sally Jo shares her story.

Ranchers, Western south dakota
Rural schools, mom taught school
Father had little jobs, including preaching
Joined the army, discovered she was a nerd
Attempted to go to art school, but not enough money to go to Cambridge
2nd tour in the army, national guard
Made it to art school
Came up across the political correctness stuff
Steven Crowder
Then Jordan Peterson C-16
Favorite JBP was a little nervous
Rural life
When he started talking about post-modernism everything got better. It wasn’t the people it was post-modernism.
Leads to there is no objective beauty, you get forced to prove it, to make ugly art
IF it has meaning it’s upsetting
Metalsmithing is constrained by physics
Trump supporter in art school in southern illinois
Tell the truth, even badly
Old JBP lecture: Three options in a relationship: tyrant, slave or negotiate
Archetypes, trying to find the core story
Rejection of symmetry is the rejection of meaning
People who go to church regular don’t go out into the broader world
Church isn’t the place for thinking
JBP uncorked the atheists unsure of religion
Attending an orthodox church, the art, the spectacle
Like that JBP won’t commit
Manner of speaking, Sam Harris vs JBP
Felt the same way about Obama, Reading it isn’t so bad, but that way of speaking
Class disparity
Sargon of Akkad, milkshakes, MEP
Alt right or working class?
JBP is mixing the deck. Groups that usually don’t mix
JBP talked to Milo
Identify as an attack helicopter

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