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Everyday Magical Thinking Modern People Can’t Live Without

July 10, 2019

Nick is back and we get deeper into how normal people must use something like magical thinking to navigate a very complex world. The Internet exacerbates the challenge because it creates a nearly perfectly flat salience landscape. I enjoyed this conversation and I hope you will too. Notes below

DDT so safe...

how the internet flattens salience thru contradiction, how pattern finding in our frame of reference always directly implies a metalayer (how this relates to psychedelic experience), how context is created thru consumption (cults as curated information - salience manipulation),

Heuristics function on what we call magical thinking
Employing magical thinking constantly throughout the day
Washing our hands
That process, all we have done is call the bad stuff “germs” and put the good stuff on
How deeply it impacts you psyche without noticing it
The rise of the internet
College violence
We don’t have fins for this realm
There’s no other way to curate the internet
The fundamental drives functioning on the internet are not as direct
We don’t have a strong mechanism for sorting the internet
We have to decide what to focus on
Andy Ng antifa Portland
The Internet itself is nearly a perfectly flat salience field
The human response is a cultural framing
We’re getting a feedback loop
The effect of clickbait
Why do we eat at McDonalds
Literally changing our tastes

Postmodernism is setting up the ground for flattened salience
You can’t bite your own teeth, your eye can’t see itself
Allowing of who I am rather than getting rid of who I am
Looking at the postmodern condition is a form of baptism
Postmodern context is a submergence into the water
Fear of drowning
Peterson’s chaos. The original symbol of chaos is the deep water
Drowning in information
Baptism of repentance
Kendrick lamar god as gangster
Symbol of Christ

Looking into the uncanny valley
We are stuck in the uncanny valley
The pit of the uncanny valley is the wax museum
Related to social media. We’ve locked ourselves into the uncanny valley particularly in the image focused
Two ways to get out, towards the cartoonish, or more towards the hyper realistic
Very positive reactions to the hyper cartoonish
Deep negative reaction to those putting on a show that think they are real
A dehumanizing effect

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