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Do we Convert because we Admire? When do Answers become Idolatrous?

June 13, 2019

Eric ponders what conversion is. He's converted so many times he's becoming a student of conversion. We work on his conversionism.

Notes on the talk
Moving to Miami, finished PhD and trying to land a job
Moving back home with family where the rent is free
Repeat guest
How did he convert
Why did he convert
Difference between converting and being converted
Conversions through admiration, getting people’s elephants to turn around through admiration
Conversion through new Atheists, because he admired these people
Conversion through Jordan Peterson, through admiration. Became Petersonian, act as if God exists
How he converted, read the gospels and admired Jesus. He moved Eric’s elephant, so he became a Christian. The process of converting.
Convert through Admiration. Maya Angelou, people will forget what you said but remember how you made them feel
Why he converted. Math was his rock. Made him a man with a chest
Trying to install the software of scientific materialism to solve the framing problem deflated his chest
Mathematics kept him with a chest
Didn’t want to be a pagan, be subject to the whims and mercies of gods he didn’t know
He wasn’t sufficient. Wanted to be a slave to a master of his own choosing
You need a transcendent value
Also related to Pascal’s wager. He had nothing to lose
Time to tell people what he meant by why he converted.
Religion provides a solution to the framing problem.
Use the myths, events that happen all the time in some eternal nature
The moral of the myth was the answer to that problem.
Thought of converting in terms of installing software, these safety nets
You can’t unlearn what you know
Uninstalling the bugs from his atheist software. We live in a story-verse.
Tolstoy’s confession, being in the same place as he was
No one has the answer, and that’s the answer
Answers can be idols
Where there is life there is faith. You can’t have life without faith.
Tolstoy found admiration
Part of his conversion was uninstalling his bugs
You have to listen. Idols get in the way
Finding elephants to follow. Converting
Tim Keller, conditions necessary for conversion. You have to see people you admire for you to convert
You have to have background knowledge and be able to answer people’s questions
Somewhat properly converted.
Took up prayer, pray the “Our Father”
Tried various ways of prayer
If you just tell the truth that’s an adventure of a lifetime
What does it mean to “accept the Lord Savior” tell the truth or at least don’t lie
Had to learn enough. Had to know enough.
Understood Christianity symbolically very quickly. You can’t make this up.
We have Christianity because a bunch of people claim to have scene him and were willing to die for it.
Tom Holland, NT Wright discussion on Unbelievable
People were smart in the past
Took the Apostle Paul 14 years
Consider himself fully converted, fully embedded, or at least his reflexes have changes.
What would Jesus do
Jesus suffered far greater shame and humiliation than some photoshops
You can’t ridicule Jesus

Silence the Novel
Joy as part of the Christian life
Laughter and crying
“Act as if” is synonymous with pretend which gives us pause
Impostor syndrome
I have to get to a church so I don’t feel like an impostor
All of this is a product of admiration

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