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Becoming Nathan Jacobs: Psychedelics, Art, Philosophy, God, Film

June 26, 2019

Dr. Nathan Jacobs is an artist, filmmaker, lecturer in theology and philosophy who created a film on the "nones and dones" Becoming Truly Human.

Reaching Nones and Dones
with Hank Hanegraaf and

Phil Vischer Me, Myself and Bob.

Great up lutheran
Mother was deeply into apologetics
Family argued about faith and life
Impression of Genesis, sounds like Moses is describing the world under a dome with water above
Hugh Ross
Mom instilled a lack of fear of asking questions
Theological discussion for fun
No substantive spirituality with it
Hit a spiritual crisis
Was on a bad acid trip
Having certain realizations about consciousness and the soul
Socrates argument of affinity and the soul
Consciousness doesn’t break down and decay
How do you get off the ride when you are the ride
If I kill my body will that kill my consciousness?
That awakened a realization that his consciousness might survive him
The state of my own soul can be a state of torment
Paradise being the condition of the soul, Eastern church fathers
Do I have free will? What is God like? Maybe he is a tyrant?
Started diving into religious questions.
Started a long path of academic study
Bad acid trip in high school and propelled for years
Took the questions so seriously
Free will is a serious thing, if I have that capacity, that is a huge weight
It became a crisis
Left art school because he was so focused on philosophy
Augustine, Aquinas, Neoplatonists, Aristotelians, Modern Philosophy, Kant
Worked it as data points and trying to make it cohere
World religions try to address the human condition
Jesus of Nazareth seems to offer some type of exclusivity
What if Jesus was a sorcerer or a deceiver
Is he a wonder worker? Look at the fruit of what it bears
Return to the Christian roots
Took the problem of evil seriously but it didn’t lead to atheism
The argument created a data point on the goodness of God and existence of evil, and you can’t get rid of transcendent morality
Process philosophy. Alfred North Whitehead, heartshorn, Omnipotence and other theological mistakes.
Major problems in Augustine and Aquinas pushed him towards philosophical Christianity
It really didn’t have any practice
Believed in Jesus but no affiliation with a visible church
Moved from being a none to a done
Or maybe a never was
The search went from degree to degree to degree, philosophy, church history, PhD studies,
Took a class in a patristic scholar, from Nicea to Constantinople. Reading all primary scources, all Eastern Fathers. Was disoriented by the Eastern Fathers. I don’t know what I’m reading here.
The more he understood them the more compelling they were.
Their thought represented an alternative hypothesis but offered more.
Hallucinogens and Art
Maryland Institute, Art School, intense full immersion
Philosophy school wasn’t like he imagined
Found a couple of professors that noticed his interest
Transferred to Trinity Deerfield
Spent a semester working for his dad’s construction company
At the college he had more freedom than he would have with divinity school
Terrible student growing up unpolished academically
Chris Firestone, equally unpolished.
John Stackhouse
Coauthored a book on Kant with Chris Firestone
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School TEDS
Calvin Seminary
At the doctoral level it was far more open
Plantinga and Wolterstorff
Richard Muller
Met wife
Chalk line
Killing Poe
She was very much an evangelical
Communion with the Orthodox church, in obedience to the priest
Took 7 years.
David Bradshaw, chair of philosophy department of Kentucky
Ancient Metaphysics
Gotta find an exit route out of the evangelical world
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Interested in the Nones
Continue in Film
Tree of Life
Life Itself

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