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Are the Jehovah Witnesses a Cult? The Roman Catholic Church?

June 25, 2019

Mary "the smart lady from the comments section" is back and wanted to piggy back on Cassidy's conversation about cults. She's bringing a lot of books with her.
Previous conversation with Mary
With Cassidy on Cults and Tongues

Cult and occult
Cult from agriculture, cultivation
Origin of religious devotion had to do with agriculture
Good cult, neutral cult and bad cult
Modern phenomenon started around the 1960s
Kidnapping, deprogramming, snapped back to reality
Phase 3, stepping back and studying it

3 definitions of cults

1. The popular definition: Cults were small groups, they dressed weird, they lived in isolation fanatically devoted to the teachings of one leader. Cults attracted stupid, weakminded people.

That definition is inaccurate.
If you have it in your mind that the people who get into cults are stupid and weak minded, that leaves you vulnerable to being recruited.

2. A theological definition of a cult. Dr. Walter Martin. Kingdom of the Cults. Watchmen fellowship.

Add, substract, multiply and divide.
Adds to the Bible
Subtracts from the deity of Christ or the Trinity
Multiplies what you need to do for salvation
Divides the person from their family and friends

3. More academic standpoint. Based more on the actions that the belief structure, Deed not creed.

See if you can locate some models. Communism. Robert J. Lifton
Model of the abused woman. The person who identifies with the abuser
International Cultic Studies association

Interact with former cult members.
Interviewed people
Mary, as a former JW sat with 70 people from other cults.

How similar all of the experiences are.
Cults actively recruit people. And they don’t actively recruit stupid or weak minded people
Deception in recruiting
Hijacked lives.
Twisted Scriptures: by CHRNALOGAR.
Taking an illegitimate amount of authority over the life of a person
A cult cannot manage a civilization
They restrict the domains in which people can operate

Releasing the bonds by Hassan
Cult Proofing your kids: dr. Martin. Wellspring retreat and resource center.
Margert Thaler Singer: cults in our midst
Difference between a cult and the US Marines
Captive hearts, captive minds.
Survivors of cults
Recovery from Cults

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